Make a plan - It is very important, before committing to growing out your beard, that you understand the style of beard that suits your face shape. Beards are a fantastic way of flattering any facial extremities, for example if you have a longer more oval face shape, you wouldn't have a longer, narrow beard as this would extenuate it. A longer face shape instead would have more of a fuller beard, with full trimmed cheeks and a tighter shape around the edges and jawline. If you have a wider more square face, Soften the face with a tighter beard around the cheeks and blend through to a more fuller, longer beard through the chin area.  

Shave the perimeter - We would recommend having a initial shape put into your new growth by a professional barber to give you a guideline through the cheeks, edges and jawline. Its important your beard doesn't look like lazy, unmanaged growth especially around the cheeks and neckline, you have to keep these areas well maintained as they give your beard it intentional shape. 

The neckline, a very easy tip to help maintain a strong outline to your beard is to take two fingers and lay them flat above your Adams apple. Trim a ''U'' shape from behind both ears and jaw and meet at this point of the neck. Then clean shave everything under this point. 

Trim as it grows - There are many in-between stages to growing a beard just like growing the hair on your head, so its important to trim any unwanted stray hairs that stand on end and wont lay flat. its important to know beards do not grow out at the same length, so trimming any untidy hairs as you are growing it will help you achieve that desired style and shape.

Combing and brushing your beard - When growing a longer fuller, thicker beard its important to brush it out daily, this will help train the whiskers to lay flat and distribute natural oils produced by the skin. Without brushing these natural oils will only sit at the bottom at the root causing damage, fizziness and spit ends. Applying a quality beard balm such as Goodlife beard balm will create balance moisturising the skin at the base and the Whiskers themselves. Using conditioning balms and oils post showering or cleansing every morning will help replace the natural oils and healthy balance as these will be washed away. Only brush your beard to distribute the natural oils, brushes are to aggressive to use for styling, combs are a more effective way of shaping and styling as they provide a much softer natural finish.

Condition and Style - The best step to a soft, clean, itch free beard is our professional range of Goodlife beard balm and oils. Massage the products into your whiskers in the early stages of growing a beard or when fully grown to keep the beard balanced and healthy making you feel fresh, clean and perfectly maintained. The Goodlife beard balm is great for styling the beard into the desired shape and provides the skin underneath with all the nourishment it needs.