The Goodlife Academy

Coming Soon: The Goodlife Academy.

Have you ever considered starting an exciting new career as a barber?

We are thrilled to announce the current development of The Goodlife Academy.

We have been working tirelessly, constructing the most robust course that the industry can possibly offer. We are thriving to provide aspiring barbers a trusted form of education, where quality and precision is absolutely everything.

Here at Goodlife, we possesses exceptionally high levels of standards and we are passionate to share our knowledge and experience in order to educate, inspire and motivate our students.

Regardless of your current abilities as a barber, there will be a course for you! We are carefully creating and tailoring a variety of sophisticated courses which cover all levels of skill sets.

As our academy progresses, you can expect to see a platform of online education including tutorials, webinars and podcasts. This is alongside our national structured academy courses that will be hosted across all three of our Goodlife Stores. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding our launch!